Published on October 7, 2021 Updated on March 7, 2022

Stefano VICARI

Stefano Vicari
Stefano Vicari
University of Genova - Italy
Visiting scholar invited by IDHN
Curriculum Vitae


Research project

Uses and representations of the term "populism" in ordinary discourse and media: dictionaries, online press, political debates and web 2.0

This project aims to study the use and representations of the lexeme "populist" (and "populism") in different kinds of discourse in the public context (social media, press, dictionaries and political debates) in Italy and France, with the purpose of showing the ordinary uses of the word and its effects in speech and the representations shared by speakers of the two linguistic communities. Using comparative discourse analysis, the project will strengthen the knowledge of the meaning conveyed by the word “populism” as it is commonly used on ordinary and traditional and social media discourse. It will develop a research method that can be applied to other languages and national contexts, and it will build a searchable corpus of occurrences of the word “populism”, which will be accessible and used by the scientific community through a reasoned online database.