CY Advanced Studies Annual Call

Each year, CY Advanced Studies funds invitations for foreign researchers for short stays (less than one month) and a few long stays (from 1 to 3 months) as well as for the organisation of scientific events.
CY Advanced Studies organises a first call in July for a submission date in early October for the following calendar year and then a second call in late spring to fund invitations and scientific events for the end of the current calendar year.

For the second call for the end of the calendar year 2022, CY Advanced Studies invites you to send your proposals for invitations as well as your proposals for the organisation of scientific events by e-mail to
This second call will continue according to the availability of funds.

You will find below the application forms:
- for invitations for international researchers, please also send the CV of the visiting scholar;
- for proposals for the organisation of a scientific event, please attach any additional document that you consider useful (programme, visuals, etc.).

The 2023 call will be online in July 2022.