CY Advanced Studies missions

CY Advanced Studies (CYAS) is compelled to undertake international cross-sectional missions and to then contribute to the activities of the laboratories.

The main missions of CY Advanced Studies are to:

  • Develop international academic exchanges by implementing its own programmes for inviting high-level foreign researchers, for the benefit of the scientific community of CY Cergy Paris Université and its CY Alliance partners
  • Ensure the visibility of the international academic exchange programmes of CY Alliance partners
  • Develop disciplinary and interdisciplinary academic exchanges and increase the scientific visibility of the site by organising scientific events of national and international scope
  • Increase the influence of CY Cergy Paris Université and its CY Alliance partners through involvement in the international networks of the Institutes of Advanced Studies
  • Supporting the hosting of inviting researchers and professors in the International Research Guesthouse
  • Promoting and disseminating research and its issues to the general public

To successfully carry out its missions, CY Advanced Studies has implemented:

  • A program of scientific events by expertise conferences, international congresses, thematic semesters from which a case study is being approached by transdiscipilnary research, guest lectures being delivered by IAS fellows for a wider range of public
  • A program of visiting professors of all disciplines, hosted from several weeks to months either by the laboratories of the university or within the Institute.
CYAS also implements international scientific programmes in residence in the framework of the 'Initiative d'Excellence" (Fellows-in residence programme), the Eutopia Alliance (Eutopia-Sif programme) and the Fulbright Convention.

Each year, some 90 to 100 international scientists have been invited and some 40 to 50 scientific events have been organized.

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