Published on February 18, 2022 Updated on March 7, 2022


Janusz Sadowski
Janusz Sadowski
Linnaeus University in Kalmar - Sweden
Visiting Scholar invited by research center LPMS
Curriculum Vitae

Research project

Growth of thin layers of 2-dimensionnal materials

The goals of this collaboration are:
  • Improving and developing comprehensive methods of thin layer preparation of Transition Metal Di-Chalcogenides (TMDC) on graphene substrates.
  • Band structure imaging of thin films using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) and ARPES with spin resolution (SARPES).
  • Ultrafast spin dynamics imaging of thin TMDCs films with femto (atto)-second time resolution using laserinduced ARPES at the ATTOLab facility and as well in-home laboratory.
  • Theoretical modelling of the ultrafast dynamics in 2D TMDC using a state of the art approach able to describe to unprecedented accuracy the thermalization of laser-excited electrons and their transport strongly-out-of-equilibrium.
Prof. Janusz Sadowski is a worldwide known scientist working with Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) to grow thin films of materials. His presence in the LPMS laboratory will boost the preparation of TMDCs and their heterostructures in monolayer regime. He will supervise the work on developing conditions (evaporation rate, substrate surface preparation and its
temperature during deposition) for the growth of WTe2 and HfTe2 TMDCs thin films on graphene substrate. We will use graphene layers prepared by heating of SiC crystal. The advantage of growth on graphene is that the single-layer of the TMDC is weakly coupled to the substrate, thus exhibiting a nearly freestanding electronic structure.