from November 30, 2023 to December 1, 2023
Published on November 6, 2023 Updated on March 4, 2024

Workshop on gender issues and development

Venue: Paris Nanterre University

Workshop coordinated by Stefania Marcassa, CY THEMA laboratory.

This workshop will present contributions from the fields of family economics, gender economics and development economics. It aims to create a forum for discussing cutting-edge theoretical and empirical research underway in these fields.
It will take place over two days and will consist of twelve classical presentations followed by discussions (given by invited discussants) and presentations by three keynote speakers. Professor Lucia Corno (Università Cattolica di Milano), Professor Helmut Rainer (University of Munich and Director of the Centre for Labour and Demographic Economics at the IFO Institute) and Professor Almudena Sevilla (London School of Economics) will be the speakers and have already confirmed their participation.

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