from November 21, 2019 to November 22, 2019
Published on February 12, 2021 Updated on February 21, 2022

Reading litterature at school, work and extract


21.11.2019 - 22.11.2019

Venue: Université de Cergy-Pontoise (site de Gennevilliers)

The HELiCE group (History of Teaching Literature: European Comparisons) set up in 2010 brings together researchers from European countries around a common problem: "How does the literature constitute itself as scholastic and / or disciplinary subject according to pupils age and the educational system in different European countries in the 19th and 20th centuries? ". After having worked on the fable and the letter, HELiCE group is now working on the excerpt, and the Conference aims to question the way in which the excerpt, in its relation to the complete work, is used to teach literature.

It will thus be necessary to determine how the literature is taught, with which materials, according to what goals and temporalities, depending on countries, educational systems and grade levels. Some of the presented works may contribute to an unprecedented reflection and comparison on school culture and the ways in which learning of literature is constituted in scholastic subject in different countries.

Hence, the Conference will provide an opportunity to question the epistemological basis of the teaching of literature in a wide variety of countries, exploring the hypothesis that economic and political contexts have had and may still have an influence on emergence and the existence of disciplines in general and literature in particular.

Picture : Copyright: Pierre J. Truc, “Morceaux choisis”, 2019 : Photo: Julien Chamoux