on December 12, 2022
Published on November 4, 2022 Updated on January 20, 2023

Pacheco’s Pen. The Master of Velázquez or the Art Theory

Venue: Cité Internationale Universitaire, 7E Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris

International conference coordinated by Cécile Vincent-Cassy, UMR CY HERITAGES.

Francisco Pacheco (1564-1644), Velázquez’s master, was an exceptional theorist and polygrapher. From one of the Iberian cultural capitals, early 17th-century Seville, he practiced both painting and poetry. His work includes paintings, drawings, prints and manuscripts, all of which convey a particularly rich and sophisticated idea of art. He was himself at the core of all literary and artistic networks of Seville’s cultural renewal, as the Book of Portraits reveals. He was the founder of Spanish art history with his posthumously published Art of Painting (1649), but most of his work remains unpublished. Studied today from different points of view, in particular from disciplines such as literature and art history, Pacheco is the subject of a new, but scattered, light. This meeting brings together for the first time these different perspectives in order to build an interdisciplinary approach that can embrace the art theory he left to Velázquez.