from November 21, 2023 to November 22, 2023
Published on November 13, 2023 Updated on March 4, 2024

Ecole d'automne de l'IDHN

Venue: L'Isle Adam, 95

Seminar coordinated by Julien Longhi, CY IDHN laboratory.

The Institute of Digital Humanities (IDHN), a federative structure of CY, has been working since 2018 on the development of transversal projects, activities and seminars, bringing together researchers from many disciplines and laboratories. On the basis of these various activities, a time of review and discussion is desirable after 5 years of work, in particular to raise members' awareness of concerns that have emerged as central: data management and annotation, particularly in relation to open science; and the general, cross-cutting issue of temporality and historicization in digital humanities projects.
These new contributions will also be formative for the participants, in particular the doctoral students who are traditionally numerous at the IDHN schools.