from January 7, 2021 to January 9, 2021
Published on April 11, 2021 Updated on February 14, 2022



Online conference.

The "AstroEdu-Fr" symposium aims at sharing experiences in research, teaching, training, and/or mediation to promote the use of astronomy for education. One expects the edition of a "white paper" on the use of astronomy for education in the French-speaking world.
Astronomy has always provided a particularly inspiring context for the development of skills associated with the scientific approach and for the exploration of the fundamental laws of physics and mathematical concepts in schools. At the crossroads of science and mathematics, astronomy openly raises the question of interdisciplinarity both in the
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practices of teachers and in the content of educational activities, in agreement with the new science curricula in high schools. Furthermore, astronomy is an ideal subject for media education and critical thinking, which is so necessary today in the face of the constant flow of information.
In tribute to Jean-Claude Pecker, and with the patronage of the Academy of Sciences, the "AstroEdu - FR" symposium shall bring together astrophysics researchers, educational researchers, teachers, trainers, and mediators, present throughout the French-speaking world.

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