on October 26, 2021
Published on October 19, 2021 Updated on April 21, 2022

2nd Pop culture objects festival

Online via ZOOM

As part of the Mediations and Citizen Participation Chair, scientific events are planned (Education Biennale, Sept 2021, Paris, 2rd Festival of Pop Culture Objects). The actors and professionals concerned by the fight against dropping out and giving a voice to young people are invited to participate. In the continuity of the AUF DjeunsContreCovid project (https://www.auf.org/nos-actions/toutes-nos-actions/apprentissages-des-jeunes-et-enfants-malgre-le-confinement-et-contre- le-covid-19 / ), we organize within the BONHEURS laboratory a study day aimed at making visible the knowledge from the analysis of the various media used to ensure pedagogical continuity and re-mobilization of young people towards learning. This day of collaboration would be held by Zoom CYU INSPé, on October 26th, 2021, it aims to communicate part of our results, the visibility of the actions undertaken through the objects identified and / or constructed, the meeting with scientists specialists in the analyzes carried out in the project to strengthen the knowledge built (Nadja Acioly-Régnier, David Risse, jean-Claude Kalubi, Olivier Ménard). This makes it possible to create another approach to learning and engagement with young people, through the scientific and technical knowledge inscribed in the objects (Vygotsky, Rabardel). These analyzes will enable us to constitute material available for various subsequent training actions.

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