EUTOPIA-SIF Post Doctoral Fellowships 2022-2023

16.09.2022 - 15.12.2022

The third call for applications of the EUTOPIA-SIF programme has been launched on 16 September 2022 for the recruitment of the second cohort of 25 post-doctoral fellows by the EUTOPIA universities, of which 7 fellows by CY Université. The call deadline is 15 December 2022 for a position starting in September 2023.

Eutopia SIF
Eutopia SIF

The MSCA COFUND “EUTOPIA SCIENCE AND INNOVATION FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM”(EUTOPIA-SIF) is jointly supported by the European Union and the partner institutions of EUTOPIA University Alliance (the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the CY Cergy Paris Université, the University of Gothenburg, the University of Ljubljana, the University Pompeu Fabra and the University of Warwick). The EUTOPIA-SIF program is coordinated by CY Cergy Paris Université.

EUTOPIA-SIF will co-finance of 76 post-doctoral fellowships over 4 years, through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program for a total budget of 10,2M€ euros, of which 5,6M€ are financed by the European Union and 4,6M€ by the partner universities. CY Université will recruit 20 fellows over 4 years.

EUTOPIA-SIF post-doctoral fellows will be recruited by the EUTOPIA universities (host university) on the basis of an individual research project and the quality of their academic profile. They will become full members of the host research center for the duration of the fellowship and receive academic and professional guidance from a senior researcher of the host laboratory. 

Extensive research mobility at another EUTOPIA university (co-host university) is a compulsory part of the fellowship.

A full description of the key research areas, the application procedure and the recruitment conditions is online on the EUTOPIA website: more information here