Published on February 18, 2022 Updated on January 18, 2024


Sylvie Kleinman
Sylvie Kleinman
Trinity College in Dublin - Ireland
Visiting Scholar invited by research center AGORA
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Research project

Paris police reports, surveillance of Irish Nationalists and their activities in France 1848-1884

In the mid-late 19th century France was a place of rendezvous, a source of refuge, but also a centre of operations for Irish nationalist revolutionaries. While there has been research done on French police records relating to these revolutionaries, there has been no recent comprehensive study. This collaboration between Frank Rynne, MCF, CY Cergy Paris and Sylvie Kleinman, Research Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin aims to begin a comprehensive study of the French activities of Irish Revolutionaries between the Young Ireland Rebellion of 1848 and the end of the Irish land War 1882. The activities of trans-Atlantic Irish nationalists who controlled funds in France will also be a feature. The results should provide comprehensive and new perspectives on Irish nationalism, terrorism and civil organisation against British rule as well as the role of France and French intelligence services in the period 1848-84.