Published on June 4, 2021 Updated on July 15, 2022

Visiting Scholars 2013

Fist Semester

23 research laboratories, 8 of which are associated with the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research).


Materials Sciences

ERRMECE - Extracellular Matrix-Cell Interactions Laboratory

GEC - Geosciences and Environment Cergy

  • Claudio DELLE PIANE                                       Resume Claudio DELLE PIANE

I-MAT - Institute of Materials Cergy

LAMBE - Laboratory Analysis and Modelling for Biology and Environment

LERMA-LAMAP - Laboratory for the study of Radiation and Matter in Astrophysics

LPMS - Laboratory of Physics of Materials and Surfaces

LPPI - Laboratory of Physico-Chemistry of Polymers and Interfaces

  • Priscilla BAKER                                                 Resume Priscilla BAKER
  • Aurica FARCAS                                                  Resume Aurica FARCAS
  • Alexander SHAPLOV

L2MGC - Laboratory of Mechanics and Civil Engineering Materials

  • Flavio BARBOSA
  • Geert DE SCHUTTER                                      Resume Geert DE SCHUTTER
  • Karim EZZIANE      
  • Michèle FARAGE    
  • Mohammed SONEBI                                       Resume Mohammed SONEBI       
  • Houssam TOUTANJI                                       Resume Houssam TOUTANJI

SATIE - Laboratory for Systems and Applications in Information and Energy Technologies

SOSCO - Selective Organic Synthesis and bioOrganic Chemistry

  • Claudio DALVIT                                                 Resume Claudio DALVIT
  • Stefan OSCARSON

Analysis, Modelling, Management of Complex Systems

AGM - Research Institute in Analysis, Geometry and Modelization

  • Isabella BIRENDELLI
  • Konstantinos FOKIANOS                               Resume Konstantinos Fokianos
  • Vokjan JAKSIC       
  • Victor NISTOR                                                  Resume Victor NISTOR

LPTM - Laboratory of Physics: Theory and Models

  • Servet Martinez AGUILERA
  • Nurlan DAIRBEKOV
  • Bjorn   JENSEN
  • Miron KAUFMAN                                               
  • Alexander NERSESYAN
  • Martin PLUMER                                                Resume Martin PLUMER

THEMA - Theoretical Economics, Modelling, and Applications

  • Simon ANDERSON
  • Pierre  BOYER                                                  Resume Pierre BOYER
  • Martin BROWNING
  • Peter   KLIBANOFF
  • Issofa  MOYOUWOU                                       Resume Issofa MOYOUWOU
  • John QUIGGIN
  • Olivier SCAILLET                                             Resume Olivier SCAILLET
  • Bertrand TCHANTCHO
  • Mustafa ULUS

Technology of Embedded Intelligence

ETIS - Research Laboratory in Information Processing and Systems (cognitive robotics, reconfigurable embedded architectures and technologies, data mining, image and signal processing, imaging, digital communications)

  • Vassislis CHRISTOPHIDES                      Resume Vassilis CHRISTOPHIDES
  • Martin KOM                                                    Resume Martin KOM
  • Bane VASIC                                                   Resume Bane VASIC

SATIE - Laboratory for Systems and Applications in Information and Energy Technologies

  • Dessislava MARINKOVA                            
  • Mohamed Wissem NAOUR

Societies, Cultural Transfers and Knowledge Transmission

CCIC -Centre for Comparative Identities, Cultures and Civilizations

CPJP - Centre for Legal and Political Philosophy

CRTF - Centre for Research in Texts and Francophone Studies

EMA - School, Changes, Learnings

LDAR - Mathématiques, physique, chimie I Laboratory of Didactics André Revuz - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

LDI - Lexis, dictionaries, computing

LEJEP - Legal and political studies laboratory

  • Sami ALDEEB                                          Resume Sami ALDEEB
  • Gretchen WINTER                                    Resume Gretchen A WINTER
  • Mark LATHAM       
  • Karen LEVERDE     
  • James PETERSON   
  • Linda SMIDDY       
  • Eva STEINER                                            Resume Eva STEINER

MRTE - Geography Laboratory on Mobility, Networks, Territories and Environment

  • Rafiq AHMAD                                          Resume Rafiq AHMAD
  • Rainer KAZIG
  • Nadia  SOMEKH                                    Resume Nadia SOMEKH

PARAGRAPHE - Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research on Role of Information Technology in Education


Excellence Laboratories - LabEx

MME-DII - Mathematical and Economic Models for Dynamic, Uncertainty and Interactions

Patrima - Tangible Heritage: knowledge, Patrimonialisation, Mediation