CY Advanced Studies missions

CY Advanced Studies (CY AS) is compelled to undertake cross-sectional missions and to then contribute to the activities of the laboratories.

The main missions of CY AS are to:

  • Promote scientific excellence
  • Develop international scientific connections
  • Develop cross-disciplinary research programs for the laboratories to go beyond and above their usual disciplinary scope
  • Support the scientific activities of the laboratories

To successfully carry out its missions, CY AS has implemented:

  • A program of scientific events by expertise conferences, international congresses, thematic semesters from which a case study is being approached by transdiscipilnary reserach, guest lectures being delivered by IAS fellows for a wider range of public
  • A program of visiting professors of all disciplines, hosted from several weeks to months either by the laboratories of the university of Cergy-Pontoise or within the IAS
Each year, some 90 to 100 international scientists have been invited and some 40 to 50 scientific events have been organized.