from May 14, 2024 to May 15, 2024
Published on April 8, 2024 Updated on April 9, 2024

Third Study Days on Mathematical Work (JETM3)

Venue: Université Paris Cité, Campus Grands Moulin, bâtiment Sophie Germain place Aurélie Nemours, 75013 Paris.

International conférence coordinated by Assia Nechache, LDAR laboratory

The complex search for a benchmark involves social issues that are manifested through the various types of assessment that are supposed to reflect the mastery of mathematics by pupils, students and citizens. It also involves teachers and educational organisations putting in place conditions in the classroom that are conducive to pupils doing mathematical work that is appropriate for them. During the third Journées de l'Etude du Travail Mathématique, various theories will be called upon to address the issue of the reference framework in mathematics didactics: the Théorie des Situations Didactiques (Patrick Gibel), the Théorie Anthropologique du Didactique (Carl Winslow), the Mathematical Teacher Spezialised Knowledge (Nuria Climent) and the ETM theory (Alain Kuzniak). These theories all take account, albeit in different forms, of the notions of reference and referential in mathematics didactics. The papers and workshops, presented and led by recognised specialists in these theories, will help to clarify the debates that exist around the reference system at both the epistemological and institutional level and at the cognitive and didactic level.

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