on March 15, 2024
Published on February 15, 2024 Updated on February 15, 2024

Proportionality and law : expectations versus realities

Venue: CY Cergy Paris Université, Chênes 1

International conference coordinated by Martin Quesnel, CY LEJEP laboratory.

The proposed scientific event consists of a colloquium dedicated to young researchers specializing in legal studies.
Organized by the doctoral students of the Laboratoire d'études juridiques et politiques (LEJEP) at the CY Cergy Paris law faculty, it aims to promote young research by inviting doctoral students preparing a thesis and non-tenured doctors who have defended their thesis within the last five years to present their work on a topic decided by the designated scientific committee: Proportionality and law: expectations versus realities. The ubiquitous use of this notion by legal scholars is proof of its importance: proportionality of punishment in criminal law, proportionality of care in health law, or disproportionality in the infringement by the State of a person's right to privacy... Paradoxically, legal researchers seem to have some difficulty in fully grasping its meaning. In addition to the difficulties encountered in defining proportionality, we will examine its effects, how it is used in practice by legal scholars, and the realities of its application in law. Young researchers whose proposals have been accepted will be invited to discuss these ideas and propose an analysis of proportionality in all areas of law. The conference proceedings will be published later, giving participants the opportunity to have their research work disseminated to a wider audience.

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