from June 18, 2024 to June 19, 2024
Published on April 22, 2024 Updated on April 22, 2024

Language and literature : Articulation(s) in teaching of French

Venue: INSPÉ of the academy of Versailles, Gennevilliers

International conference coordinated by Stéphanie Genre, CY EMA laboratory.

The language/literature relationship in scientific literature is a difficult issue which often arouses reluctance: some literary scholar legitimately fear an instrumentalization of the literary work for the benefit of grammar or vocabulary “lessons”. Yet didactic reflection on the articulation between language and literature is necessary and constitutes a didactic node (Genre, 2015). Putting it into practice in the classroom remains a challenge for many teachers. Indeed, their practices segment the learning process and reconfigure the discipline (Garcia- Debanc and Lordat, 2007) through this segmentation. What's more, French textbooks, which should provide support for teachers, also struggle to offer such articulation across activities (Coirault and David, 2011; Biao, 2015).
This issue, which is not new (Daunay, 2005), is still present in recent official instructions (Belgium, France, Quebec, Switzerland). However, initial teacher training are rare (for example, Tremblay, 2019 ; Genre, 2020, 2023) even though several didacticians (Bronckart, 1999; de Pietro & Wirthner, 2004; Chartrand & Boivin, 2005; Schneuwly, 2007; Soulé & Aigoin, 2008, Buléa Bronckart, 2015 ; Buléa Bronckart, Gagnon et Marmy-Cusin, 2017) recommend teaching that takes it into account and that research facilities exist to develop it (Anctil, Sauvageau,
2020; Anctil, Proulx, 2023).

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