from January 25, 2024 to January 26, 2024
Published on January 18, 2024 Updated on January 18, 2024

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881): His lives and Afterlives. Celebrating the 220th anniversary of the birth of a Victorian iconoclast

Venue: University of Chicago, Paris

International conference coordinated by Catherine Marshall, CY AGORA laboratory.

The Société Française d’Etudes Victoriennes et Edouardiennes will host its annual meeting in January 2024 at CY Cergy Paris University, organised by Prof. Catherine Marshall (AGORA research centre) in partnership with Dr. Emily Jones (the University of Manchester), Prof. Miles Taylor (the Humboldt Universität in Berlin) and Prof. Seamus Perry (Balliol College, Oxford).
“Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881): His Lives and Afterlives” is the interdisciplinary subject chosen to celebrate the 220th anniversary of the birth of a Victorian iconoclast.
This interdisciplinary conference aims to undercover a number of still unexplored sides of Disraeli and bring him up to date. Both his political and literary talents will be taken into account as well as the long-lasting impact of his heritage (whether mythologised or not).

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