Published on July 16, 2022 Updated on November 22, 2022

Laëticia PETIT

University of Tampere, Finland.
Visiting Scholar invited by research center ERRMECe.
Stays from 2nd to 16th November, 2022.
Curriculum Vitae

Research project
Biophotonic glass for bone substitution.
Since her PhD in 2002, Laeticia Petit has examined the role of structure/property relationships in a range of (passive and active) oxide and non-oxide glasses used in fiber and film, chemical sensing, molded optics, and applications utilizing photo-induced property modification. She has intensively worked on the direct doping technique thereby she introduces nanoparticles in glass melts while controlling the particles survival and dispersion. With this technique, she successful developed low rare-earth concentrated phosphate glasses exhibiting green upconversion and also novel active glassbased composites including new biophotonic composites with (green and blue) upconversion and green persistent luminescence using NIR pump. Recently, she drew the first bioactive fiber with persistent luminescence.