Published on July 16, 2022 Updated on November 22, 2022


Demetrio_Da Silva Filho_pic
Demetrio_Da Silva Filho_pic
University of Brasilia, Brazil.
Visiting Scholar invited by research center LPPI.
Stays from October 6 to 20, 2022.
Curriculum Vitae

Design of new molecules to compose the hole transport layer in hybrid Perovskitoids.

In 2022, we finish our six-months stay as Fellow-in-Residence at the LPPI (Laboratoire de Physicochimie des Polymères et des Interfaces) under the supervision of Prof. Gjergji Sini. As expected, several projects started and are now in need of a closure or novel discussions for defining the future plans. In summary, during this 14-days visit we will discuss the projects we have already started and draw plans for future projects.
There are basically three efforts to work on: 1) Finish the manuscript on novel materials for OLED and Lasing applications, in collaboration with our partners in Lithuania; 2) Discuss the directions for the project on the novel molecules for HTL in perovskite solar cells; and 3) Discuss how we will address the challenge in describing interface interactions in Perovskites.