le 30 avril 2020
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e-Guest Lecture : Robert Lustig


The secret to wellness is identifying the illness

Le Dr Robert Lustig est professeur émérite de pédiatrie et membre de l'Institute for Health Policy Studies de l'Université de Californie à San Francisco et fellow-in-residence à CY Advanced Studies

Over the past 50 years, society has seen the explosion of obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease, cancer, and dementia. Likewise we have seen an marked increase in addiction, depression, anxiety, inattention, and hate. Do these exist in a vacuum? Or are they somehow related, and if so, how? The Guest Lecture will address contemporary issues of chronic disease, pertaining to the overlaps of metabolic, mental, and societal health worldwide.

Dr. Robert Lustig's research in neuroendocrinology focuses on nutrition and energy metabolism, and how dysfunction leads to non-communicable disease. Dr. Lustig is the author of many academic works, and of the popular books “Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease”, the “Fat Chance Cookbook”, and “The Hacking of the American Mind: The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of our Bodies and Brains”. A new book, "Fat, Pharma, Feds, Fiasco" is due out in March 2021.  

La vidéo est en ligne sur la page YouTube de l'université