le 5 juin 2018
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Guest Lecture de Maria-Teresa Carinci et Francesca Marinelli


Industry 4.0 and Labour Law: New Challenges

Maria-Teresa Carinci et Francesca Marinelli sont professeures de Droit du travail à l'université de MILAN (UNIMI), invitées par le laboratoire LEJEP

The lecture aims at analysing both the new economic-productive scenario called “Fourth industrial revolution”, characterized by the development of automation, intelligent robotics, and the ability to combine technological and digital innovation and  the labour law problems  related to this new revolution.

In fact the s.c. Fourth industrial revolution is upending the organization of work and the working relationship. So this quick pace of development in digital technology in a wide range of productive sectors raises the urgent problem to up-date the national, supranational and international regulation of work.

In particular the lecture will deals with two important problems that the Fourth industrial revolution makes necessary to reconsider at the national (in particular Italian) level:

a) how the employers can exercise their powers using technology;

b) how the employment (dependent) relationship should be reshaped: considering, for example, the position of so-called “riders” (of Foodora, Deloveroo … et a.) and other workers engaged in the “gig economy” via “app,” or the questions dealing with the situation of workers providing professional services using a remote and  internet connection.

Télécharger le CV de Francesca Marinelli de Maria-Teresa Carinci

Date : le mardi 5 juin, de 12h30 à 14h00

Télécharger la présentation de Maria-Teresa Carinci et de Francesca Marinelli

Lieu : Maison internationale de la recherche, Neuville-sur-Oise.