le 6 décembre 2022
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Conférence donnée par Shoshana Grossbard : "Becker, Mincer, and Household Economics"

photo Grossbard
photo Grossbard

Date: 6 décembre 2022 de 16h30 à 18h00 Lieu: Auditorium, MIR, Neuville-sur-Oise

Séminaire organisé par David Philippy, chercheur post doctoral (fellow-in-residence) auprès de CY AS et  AGORA

Shoshana Grossbard (born October 23, 1948) is a scholar in residence and professor emerita in economics at San Diego State University. She is also a member of the Family Inequality Network, HCEO, U of Chicago and a research fellow at  IZA , CESifo and GLO, and has been a fellow at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. She is a well-published scholar with close to 100 publications as well as the founder of two organizations related to household economics: a journal, the Review of Economics of the Household (REHO) founded in 2001 (she remains its editor in chief) and the Society of Economics of the Household. The main focus of Grossbard's research is household economics, family economics and economics of marriage. A student of Gary Becker and James Heckman at the University of Chicago and of Jacob Mincer, she is a pioneer in this research area: “widely known for her work on the economics of the family” (James J. Heckman, U of Chicago) and “the premier economist currently engaged in research on the economics of marriage and .. the economics of the household” (Michael Grossman, NBER). Her "A Theory of Allocation of Time in Markets for Labor and Marriage," Economic Journal, has been recognized by Nobel prize winners Heckman and Angrist and is the first non-cooperative model of decision-making by individual household members. In her theoretical approach, she views marriages and cohabiting couples as firms, with spouses possibly hiring each other's work in household production, which she calls "Work-In-Household (WiHo). She has analyzed labor supply, household production, care work, health outcomes, fertility, consumption, marital status, law and economics of family, religion and the impact of laws on such household decisions. 

Site personnel de Shoshana Grossbard : https://www.econoflove.com/

Contact et informations : david.philippy@cyu.fr

Inscription obligatoire via ce formulaire : https://forms.gle/ibFDFy8gF1A9QyVe6

Pour suivre la conférence par zoom, merci de l’indiquer dans le formulaire ci-dessus. Le lien vous sera envoyé 48h en avance.